Shoring / Earth Retention Systems

Earth retention systems are designed to resist lateral earth pressures with the purpose of retaining, supporting, reinforcing, and securing a mass of soils or other materials. Montana Helical Piers can help with the design and installation of both permanent and temporary earth retention systems for any project.

Permanent Shoring

When permanent shoring is needed, Montana Helical Piers is the experienced installer to get the job done. Our installers are certified in CHANCE® Helical Tieback, Micropile, rock, and soil nail Anchors, which are as a consistent method of providing permanent lateral support for soils along deep cuts, slopes, and excavations, whether using shotcrete, sheet piling, h-pile or secant walls.

Temporary Shoring

When temporary shoring is needed, Montana Helical Piers can provide an efficient, cost-effective solution through the use of CHANCE® Helical Tieback, Micropile, rock, and soil nail Anchors. The installation of helical tieback anchors provides additional lateral support for soldier piling and lagging as well as driven steel sheet temporary retaining walls, shotcrete or secant walls.

Slope Stabilization

CHANCE® Soil Screws and micropiles are used to provide anchoring resistance to sliding forces within slopes. Montana Helical Piers has the expertise to install the various systems quickly and in difficult access areas.

Bulkheads & Seawalls

CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors are proven to be the most effective system available for providing lateral stability for seawalls and bulkheads. The helical anchors can be installed from land or water, and do not require the excavation of soils, or the use of grout or concrete, but rest assured we can complete all marine shoring and piling work regardless of the method.

CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors – Retention Wall System

CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors are a pre-engineered mechanical anchoring system for permanent and temporary earth retention. The success of the helical anchor tieback system is based on decades of similar use of CHANCE anchors in the electric utilities industry. Capacities up to 200,000 pounds per anchor are obtainable with this instant tieback system. Coupled with our proprietary design of modular prefabricated panel system- we can install and remove temporary shoring in less time than traditional methods in the correct soil conditions. We have completed these temporary modular shoring projects in Washington, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota.

Length and bearing area can be adjusted in the field to meet the specified load requirements for site specific conditions. The tiebacks are then tensioned immediately and tested without the need of grout cure time and grouting equipment. CHANCE Helical Tiebacks Anchors eliminate the cure times and additional equipment costs associated with grouted tendon methods, saving a tremendous amount of project time and cost.

Advantages of using CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors for earth retention:

  • No cure time – immediate proof test and load
  • Installs with readily available equipment
  • No excavation or spoils
  • No de-watering
  • Reduced labor and equipment costs
  • Installs in any weather
  • Maximizes flexibility with changing soil conditions