Wall Repairs

Providing repairs for walls is a critical part of what our dedicated team of CHANCE Certified Installers do every day. The most common and most effective method of providing lateral support is the installation of helical tieback anchors (wall anchors).

Screw anchors can help prevent wall movement by holding the wall when soil swells and the resulting pressure pushes against the wall.Retaining walls can be designed using screw anchors with a modest increase in cost. Proven and building code accepted, these anchors will keep retaining walls from moving.

Wall Anchoring

For failing walls, new walls that are to be constructed, or simply existing walls in need of additional lateral support, Foundation Expert Solutions uses the CHANCE Helical Tieback Anchors as a means of providing a reliable and effective solution. The helical anchors can be installed quickly and efficiently using small equipment. The wall anchors are driven into the adjacent soils, providing immediate and accurate results where lateral support is needed. The anchors can then be immediately tensioned and tested without the need for cure time

Basement walls can be repaired using helical screw anchors. This is accomplished by drilling a small hole for the anchor rod to pass through the basement wall, and then excavating a hole outside to place the bearing plate. A small high torque motor then rotates the screw anchor system into the soil. Once depth and predetermined torque is achieved, the anchor is terminated and a plate is mounted inside the basement wall to hold the wall in place. If the wall needs to be moved, then sufficient soil must be removed to allow the wall to move.