Leaning Chimney Repairs

A leaning chimney is very common among residential construction. The chimney is typically the heaviest part of your house. When soil problems occur, it is usually the chimney that shows the first effects of the shift.

When the weight begins to sink the chimney into the ground, it starts to arc away from the structure. This effect, known as ‘settling’ can have several consequences, which also includes a sharp drop in home value. Once settling starts, foundation damage usually continues to worsen.

As soon as you see any sort of deterioration in your chimney, it’s best to have it assessed. We offer free repair quotes and can assist your through the repair process.

Common Causes of a Leaning Chimney

  • Improperly sized footing
  • Proximity of landscaping
  • Cracked or crumbling concrete (as a result of weather, time or shifting soil)
  • Foundation failure resulting from soil erosion, improper water drainage or expansion/contraction of the soil
  • Old and broken brackets and clasps that hold the upper chimney segments in place

CHANCE® Helical Piles for Chimney Repair

Underpinning with CHANCE helical piles can lift settling chimneys back to their original positions. The helical piles add the structural support needed for your entire home’s stability simply by transferring the weight of the structure from the base of the chimney (the footing) down to a layer of suitable load bearing soils.