Deep Foundation Systems

New Construction Foundations

Whether it’s a new building, addition to an existing office, or some other structure being built, CHANCE® Helical Piles are an reliable, tested and proven economical deep foundation solution for overcoming sites with expansive soils, high water tables and fill areas where unstable soils require specialized support. Oftentimes when additions are being made adjacent to an existing structure, a low impact deep foundation method is needed in order not to disrupt ongoing operations.

Telecommunication Tower Foundations

During the past 35 years, CHANCE expertise and resources have perfected power-installed foundations and guy anchors supporting many utility structures. Foundation Expert Solutions has installed numerous CHANCE Helical Piles and CHANCE Helical Anchors for many utility applications, such as cell tower foundations, guyed structures, generator pads, transformer pads, and substation foundations. 

You can install Chance foundations and anchors in almost any type of terrain, including steep inclines, flood plains, glacial till, sand, swamps and bogs. Once the foundations are in place, you can erect the tower using traditional construction practices. Weather will not delay your construction timetable. You can install Chance foundations in wet and freezing conditions as well as ideal weather.

The design of Chance utility foundation systems adapt to site conditions. Your crews have many options available, should they encounter unusual or peculiar installation situations. Based upon our years of combined experience serving the telecom construction industry, we know how to get the materials you need on-site, on time and ready to use.

Boardwalk & Walkway Foundations

Our use of the CHANCE Helical Piles and CHANCE Helical Anchors is the most economical foundation system for boardwalks and walkways.  Boardwalks and walkways are often constructed along greenways, dune crossings, beachfronts, and wetlands.  Since many of these areas are environmentally sensitive, disturbance is to be kept to a minimum and access should be limited.

The Chance Instant Foundation System utilizing helical pilings and helical anchors has proven very economical and effective in sensitive soils and difficult terrain or where a high water table prevents access or pouring of footings. Installation of the helical pilings is fast, can be built upon immediately and also provides uplift resistance to structures influenced by high tides or flood waters.

Pipeline  Foundations

Pipeline Screw Anchors provide an excellent answer for stabilization of oil, gas, and other pipelines. Buoyancy of pipelines is a major concern in the design and construction of all pipelines. In water or mud, an empty pipeline with a diameter greater than 12 inches can push itself to the surface if it has not been anchored. Economics and engineering evaluations show that screw anchors are the predictable, measurable, and economical means for pipeline stabilization.

Stabilization design of a pipeline is based on the shear strength of the soil and/or on the over-burden pressure of the soil on the anchor. These CHANCE Screw Anchors do not require the physical weight of the pipe or soil to overcome the buoyancy of the pipe in the water or mud.

Cost savings are significant not only in the material but also in the installation and transportation costs. One anchor set which weighs approximately 250 pounds can replace a 100,000 pounds of concrete on a section of the pipeline.

Bridge Foundations

CHANCE® Helical Piles are the ideal deep foundation solution for small bridge foundations. Helical piles can be installed in limited access sites and areas where installation needs to be minimally invasive to the surrounding structures, vegetation and wildlife. Our team of CHANCE Certified Installers in interested helping you find the right foundation for your upcoming bridge product.

Helical Foundations For Solar And Wind Applications

With the continuous development in solar power technology, the use and presence of solar panels and wind turbines is ever increasing.  Because helical piles work well in both compression and tension, they are ideally suited for conditions inherent to energy-related construction sites, particularly those associated with foundations for solar panels. We take pride in our unsurpassed ability to custom-engineer helical solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of each individual project. Our site-specific, modular component systems are designed to perform in most soil conditions, in any locale. They can be installed quickly and they’re environmentally conscious, as well. Hubbell Power Systems is ISO9001 Certified, which ensures that each and every product shipped meets the highest quality standards.