Telecommunication Tower Foundations

Montana Helical Piers provides tower support foundations utilizing drilled shafts and micropiles as well as remediation services on existing micropile foundations to increase load capacity of existing foundations. Recent tower projects include 60” shafts 50’ deep for a 300 foot tower.

During the past 35 years, CHANCE® expertise and resources have perfected power-installed foundations and guy anchors supporting many utility structures. Montana Helical Piers has installed numerous CHANCE Helical Piles and CHANCE Helical Anchors for many utility applications, such as cell tower foundations, guyed structures, generator pads, transformer pads, and substation foundations.

You can install CHANCE foundations and anchors in almost any type of terrain, including steep inclines, flood plains, glacial till, sand, swamps and bogs. Once the foundations are in place, you can erect the tower using traditional construction practices. Weather will not delay your construction timetable. You can install Chance foundations in wet and freezing conditions as well as ideal weather.

The design of CHANCE utility foundation systems adapt to site conditions. Your crews have many options available, should they encounter unusual or peculiar installation situations. Based upon our years of combined experience serving the telecom construction industry, we know how to get the materials you need on-site, on time and ready to use.