Pipeline Foundations

Pipeline Screw Anchors provide an excellent answer for stabilization of oil, gas, and other pipelines.

Buoyancy of pipelines is a major concern in the design and construction of all pipelines. In water or mud, an empty pipeline with a diameter greater than 12 inches can push itself to the surface if it has not been anchored. Economics and engineering evaluations show that screw anchors are the predictable, measurable, and economical means for pipeline stabilization.

Stabilization design of a pipeline is based on the shear strength of the soil and/or on the over-burden pressure of the soil on the anchor. These CHANCE Screw Anchors do not require the physical weight of the pipe or soil to overcome the buoyancy of the pipe in the water or mud.

Cost savings are significant not only in the material but also in the installation and transportation costs. One anchor set which weighs approximately 250 pounds can replace a 100,000 pounds of concrete on a section of the pipeline.