Crawl Space Repairs

Crawl spaces are built directly underneath your home, and the condition can directly affect the structural integrity of your home. Without a strong and stable foundation, structural issues (e.g. sagging beams and floor joists, settling columns, etc.) may occur – and can reduce the value of your home and compromise your family’s safety.

Common Signs and Causes of Crawl Space Problems

Here are some signs that may indicate a problem:

  • Sagging or sloping floors
  • Visible cracks in the foundation
  • Flooding, standing water or wet areas on crawl space floor
  • Cold floors above the crawl space in winter
  • Presence of mold and/or rotted wood and a characteristic musty odor in the crawl space
  • Open crawl space vents
  • Condensation on insulation, duct work and water pipes
  • High indoor humidity
  • Rusty metal surfaces
  • Dirty and damp crawl space insulation
  • The presence of rodents, critters and pests in the crawl space area

These problems may be caused by:

Weak foundation soils
In most cases, the shifting and/or settling of the soil beneath your home may be what is causing your crawl space issues. Over time, existing columns and structured beams can shift due to changes in soil density. Moisture content can also cause considerable damage to your home. Weak soil is often the leading factor when homeowners experience sagging floors and foundation cracks.

Improper spacing of support columns
When columns are spaced too far apart it can produce stress on the beams, causing them to bend and sagging or sloping floors. When left unattended, this condition may lead to the development of cosmetic and structural issues throughout your home.

Excess moisture
Damp and humid conditions within your crawl space may provide an environment for mold growth and wood rot. By having your crawl space assessed, you can reduce the possibility of poor air quality that can produce several health risks for your family. We offer a range of solutions that can solve excess moisture and repair any structural damage that we find.